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So, yeah.
I've been working on a sekrit project. 
Well, not so sekrit anymore, right?
The idea is this:
I waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much social-web stuff to keep track of.
Theres DW (of course)
Theres LJ (because I may not live there, but I still check on people to make sure they are !ded)
Theres Twitter, because I couldn't escape it.
Theres FB which... I'm kinda meh, about, but it's there, and I have not yet gotten angry enough to tell to go engage in non-possible sex-acts with itself. (Though I am waiting for my account to be suspended/deleted, because FB is policy-stupid.)
And there's there's tumblr. Which, I will admit, I use primarily for the two purposes the internet was made for: cute pictures, and porn. Cuz there's a lot of it about over there. 
I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.
See, I'm lazy, and my brain leaks. I will not remember to check something for like, a month, and then say to myself "Ugh... to much to keep up on..." and, well, we all know how that goes. 
So I decided to FIX IT!*
And I'm poking about, trying to create a web-app-like-thingy. 
I'm calling SocialWormhole**, cause it shortcuts all the stuff you have to go through to get to your social stuff. 
And I decided I needed to write down the shit I go through to make this work. 
Course, I'll have help. 
I've already been picking [personal profile] afuna  and [personal profile] sophie  brains. And [personal profile] rb  has pointed me at css stuff. And my favorite [personal profile] gingerswede  is gonna help me with some JS stuff I've got planned. So, not going it alone. 

This is for me, but I'm willing to share.
Because I KNOW I'm not the best coder, especially since I'm still learning perl. 
Because the people around here come up with GREAT ideas. 
And, because I kinda feel guilty, because what's the last thing I made? 
Yeah, that last one is lame, but there it is. 
So, here we go. Buckle up boys and girls, the ride is about to get bumpy as hell. 
*Also, I need to figure out what is possible, and what is not, so I can do REAL work on dw_mobile, because I have sketched up too much stuff and then looked at it and said "um no" and tossed it out. I need to figure out what is possible, and what works, and stuff. Becase, dreamwidth, I love you, but the code is a NIGHTMARE to start from scratch on. 

** It was just going to be blackhole, but Twitter already has a Blackhole registered. Pardon me if I forget.

[Edit: GingerSwede now on DW...]


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